The Phygital Store Platform for Web3 Marketplaces

Sell and authenticate physical products through unlockable NFTs and tokengated stores.

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"Phygitals added another incredible layer of connection between the creator and the collectors"

Designed for Marketplaces


Grow Revenue

Grow a new vertical and setup commissions on Phygital sales


Save Hours

Get started in days with selling phygital products and unlockable NFTs


Unlock your creators

Enable creators to setup token gated stores connected to your subdomain

With Phygital Growth in Mind


Phygital Stores

Manage order fulfillment in an easy and central way


Commission on Products

Commissions on all physical products sold through your stores


Payout to Creators

Payout and shipping made easy with a unified dashboard


Crypto and Fiat Payment

Let customers buy physical products in the store with crypto or fiat


Custodial Wallets

Unlock the stores with web3 wallets or your own custodial wallet


Simple APIs

Fast setup with our simple APIs

Scale Quickly with Unlockable NFTs

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Unlock Stores with NFTs

Mockup of an interface where users can unlock their NFT and enter a phygital store

Setup your marketplace phygital store. Fast. Each creator on your marketplace will be able to sell physical products on their own tokengated page. We call these Unlock Pages.
— So you can save time through fast APIs.

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Sell any Phygital Product

Mockup of an online store where users can order physical products after unlocking their NFT

Everything you need for phygital commerce
— so you can sell more and drive growth.

Example of an interface where users can authenticate ownership of their product after having scanned a QR code

Authenticate Ownership

Unlock stores with NFTs

Let buyers authenticate their phygital products
— so you can build trust.

Built for All Marketplaces

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Powering Phygitals at

Example of an existing unlock page on for an unlockable NFT containing a Tupac photograph

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our mission is to transform traditional e-commerce by bridging the physical and digital items & experiences through tokengating. We believe it is the next step for commerce and we want to lead the transition.